USDA Certified Organic Live Mealworms

      At Acres of Eden, we've been passionately cultivating the first and only USDA Certified Organic live mealworms as a nutritious and sustainable food source for animals. Our mealworms are raised with the utmost care, ensuring they are healthy, vibrant, and packed with essential nutrients that contribute to the vitality of your beloved animals.

      Here are a few reasons why our USDA Certified Organic live mealworms stand out:

      1. Organic and Sustainable: Our mealworms are raised using organic methods, free from harmful chemicals or pesticides. We prioritize sustainability at every step of the production process, from sourcing to packaging.

      2. Nutrient-Rich: Our mealworms are packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, offering a natural and wholesome diet for a wide range of animals, including birds, reptiles, and small mammals.

      3. Regenerative Farming Practices: We are committed to regenerative farming practices that promote biodiversity, soil health, and environmental sustainability. By choosing our mealworms, you're not only supporting your animals' health but also contributing to a more resilient and thriving ecosystem.

      4. Proudly American and Family-Owned: As a Minnesota family farm, we take pride in our roots and are deeply invested in our community. When you purchase from us, you're not just buying a product; you're supporting American agriculture and sustainable food systems. 

      5. USDA Certified Organic: Our mealworms are USDA Certified Organic, ensuring that they meet stringent standards for organic production. This certification guarantees that our mealworms are raised and processed in a manner that prioritizes environmental sustainability and animal welfare. 

      6. Freshness and Vitality: Unlike imported dried or live mealworms, our live mealworms offer maximum freshness and vitality, retaining their natural moisture content and nutritional value. This ensures that your animals receive the highest quality diet for optimal health and well-being.

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