The Farm


      Harland was at home on the family farm in 1929. Harland served in the Korean War, and later worked for Otter Tail Power company while farming in his spare time. After 20 years of dedication Harland was able to retire and pursue his passion of farming full time.

      Harland instilled a love for farming in his son Joel, and later passed the farm down to him. After years of traditional farming with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.  Harland's stories of the flaws with traditional farming practices stuck with Joel. This ultimately pushed Joel into making the leap into Organic Farming. 

      Making the switch from tradition to organic is not easy. Joel has worked through many hardships to pursue his dream of improving the lives and the world around him through his work.

      Acres of Eden was created to help people who are seeking beneficial nutrients without the chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides. We are "more than organic." We deliver high quality organic products using sustainable circular farming methods. 

      "Nothing worth having comes easy" are the words we live by as work to grow premium quality products for our customers.  


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